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Breathing New Life into Public Spaces with Open Walls Baltimore

For more photos and videos from Open Walls Baltimore as it unfolds, browse the #OpenWallsBaltimore and #OWB2 hashtags.

The second annual Open Walls Baltimore is underway in Maryland, USA.

Held in the Station North district (@stationnorth) of the city, Open Walls stands as a celebration of street art as more than 20 artists from around the world gather in Baltimore to create large-scale murals in an effort to revitalize public spaces and bring art and color to the local neighborhood. A series of lectures and events also accompanies the cadence of painting until the initiative’s concluding celebration on May 25.

Among the art in progress, street artist escif (@escif) recently completed a much-discussed mural entitled LOOKS MUCH BETTER NOW!, a massive, classic yellow smiley face that brightens up its dilapidated surroundings.

Baltimore street artist Gaia (@gaiastreetart) serves as curator for the event, as well contributing artwork of his own to the walls.

For more from the artists participating in this year’s Open Walls, check out the following accounts on Instagram:


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(c)Jennifer A. Wheaton aka Foozma73/TortoiseTown Studios

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